… then can He make a rock so big that He Himself can’t lift it? Perhaps someone has jokingly asked you this before. In fact, I recently saw this very question posted as a topic for discussion in a MySpace group. The correct answer, of course, is no. An omnipotent God cannot limit His own power, for He would then cease to be omnipotent, and cease to be God. But the Christian majority disagrees, for it teaches that God HAS chosen to limit His own power by giving men free will. I recently wrote the following story and posted it in a MySpace discussion group in an attempt to illustrate the fallacy of fundamental Christian theology, which basically says that God would not be “loving” if He did not allow men freedom of choice:

There were two scoutmasters who took two separate groups of ten boys on weekend camping trips in the forest. Now one scoutmaster was a strict disciplinarian, and made sure the whole group stayed together when they went hiking in the forest. These all returned safely home. But the other scoutmaster did not run such a tight ship, and would allow the boys to wander off on their own from time to time. One day this group also ventured out on a hiking expedition and soon came to a split in the trail: one path led back to camp, the other trail led deep into the mountains. Eight of the ten boys, including the scoutmaster, took the trail leading back to camp. But the other two were allowed to venture off on their own, where they soon ran into an overly protective bear of her cubs, and were ripped to shreds. When this scoutmaster was later asked why he did not insist that the whole group stay together, he replied, “Well, I didn’t want to impose my will upon them, for that would not seem like the loving thing to do. Besides, I did return eight out of the ten safely home. That’s a pretty good percentage in any league. Winning eight of its first ten games this season was good enough for first place in the AFC South for Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Likewise, eight out of ten is pretty good from the charity stripe as well. And who could argue against anyone batting .800 in the World Series?”

And this is Christian theology at its very best. But very few Christians even believe God will score eight out of ten when it comes to saving His children. Oh no. Most believe it is as little as five, maybe ten percent at best. Even if you subscribe to TBN’s latest figures (which I don’t), there are now about 2 billion people worldwide who have confessed the Christ the Savior as Lord. That’s only about 30% of the current world population. The rest, they say, are eternally lost. So in other words, God’s “supposed” adversary Satan is WINNING the battle for souls! Even though God clearly DESIRES to save all of His children (II Peter 3:9), He CAN’T. There’s   a new sheriff in town, and his name is human free will: the proverbial “stone so big that even God Himself can’t lift it!”

CONCLUSION: So which of the two scoutmasters showed the greater love: the one who imposed his will upon his troop, or the one who gave his troop freedom of choice?
( Source: http://hell-fact-or-fable.com/2010/04/if-god-is-all-powerful/ )

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